Why I started Beyou2fulfit

Being a slim thick girl, the clothes I liked were either too small, too big, too uncomfortable, not stretchy enough, or just borderline ugly. “Why does It feel like I’m being punished for improving my health and living a healthier lifestyle losing weight,” I thought to myself.

“You know what, screw this, I’m going to start my own fashion line, one that’s for girls just like me,  Girls who want to look stylish and chic, without spending thousands of dollars then thousands of hours putting together the look. Girls who are on the go and need to look amazing, but do it effortlessly. "

And That’s how beyou2fulfit was created because I believe anyone can be chic, captivating, and give off an alluring aura of poise without having to bend over backward to pull it off.

Why? Because Most of the beautiful things in the world are done effortlessly


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